Mixed Fraction Calculator


If 1 bowl of rice is cooked in 2 and a half bowls of water, how much water is required to cook 3 and a half bowls of rice? In real life and the pace at which modern world operates, students need to know how to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa. In today’s real world, fractions less than 1/8 are not generally used except in very specific fields like wood working. If the beginners are familiar with the eights, they are through to most of the calculations they come up in the day to day tasks. Before computers and calculators, 1 or 2 digit fraction calculations were easier than performing computing 3 or more digit decimals. Presently, the practical world demands mathematicians, engineers, and scientists to work with English system fractions. Therefore, to assist these professionals and also beginners or students, mixed fraction calculators nowadays, are available in the form of web applications, desktop software and even as mobile or tablet apps. These calculators offer math calculations with mixed numbers (mixed fractions) allowing to perform operations on fractions, whole numbers, integers, proper fractions and improper fractions. The mixed numbers calculator also has the capability to add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed numbers and fractions.

Generally, the online versions of the calculators handle simple operations on whole numbers, integers, mixed numbers, improper and proper fractions by adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying. The answer is provided in a reduced fraction and a mixed number if the conversion allows.

The Algorithm:

The mixed fraction calculators add mixed number using the adding fractions formula. It includes firstly, conversion of mixed numbers to improper fractions. Then use the algebraic formula i.e. ‘a/b +c/d = (ad+bc) / bd’,  for addition of fractions. The last step involves expression reduction and simplification if possible. Similarly subtracting mixed numbers also involves the conversion of mixed number to an improper fraction, applying the algebraic formula ‘a/b -c/d = (ad-bc) / bd’ and at last simplifying the expression. The multiplication operation also involves the mixed fraction to improper fraction conversion. Then the algebraic formula ‘a/b * c/d = ac / bd’ is employed to multiply fractions, and finally, reduction and simplifications are done if required. Last but not the least, division operation in mixed numbers calculators is performed using the dividing fractions formula. As done in the other three arithmetic operations earlier, the initial step involves mixed fraction to improper fraction conversion. Then the algebraic formula of division of fractions i.e. ‘a/b ÷ c/d = ad / bc’ is used. The final step involves simplification process as previously done. The simplification process performed by the software calculators involves a code that utilizes Euclid’s theorem for reducing fractions.

Real world applications:

Mixed numbers or fractions are used in every walk of life, all round us. For example, for a carpenter the problem could be like while building a wooden house and framing the walls, the outer wall is 30  Feet long, and he wants to put a stud every 1 foot, 6 inches. How many studs would be needed for this particular job? Students at a beginner level are taught these operations by problems that involve the division of cake pieces or pizza slices. That makes it easier for them to proceed towards complex problems.


Hire Best Partner to Assist your Quires and Issues

simplify calculator

The study is based on skills, and you can enhance your performance by stepping with the latest technology. Computers are the most common and recommended devices using in the classrooms. If you are also trying to manage your classrooms with the latest technology, then you have better options available. There are various tools and tabs you have for choice. The study software is coming with different techniques and features. If you want to hire mathematical solution, get efficient one to meet your needs. The various reputed companies are offering you best study software for your convenience. You can hire solutions for math issues. You can buy software to assist your issues in a very short section of time. The software is enveloped with all the related contents and chapters of mathematics.

The software is the best calculator that calculates mathematical equations. It simplifies calculations in less time. You can easily get the effective tool to resist time wastage. It plays an important role as simplify calculator for all equations and for various activities such as subtraction and addition and more. When you are working on large and tough equations, you can spend your most time in understanding what should do and what should not. Any a tie after conclusion you would found nothing solved. It is totally the waste of time. Recover from issues and accept the advanced features of the software and increase your skills to resolve all types of issues.

Access easily

You can find a simple interface that is not so hard to understand by beginners. It is easy to understand the tabs mentioned in software. You have the opportunity to manage for different equations, and you have separate space to add your equations, and you can submit it in just a few clicks. Then after you have to choose the process tab. After a couple of seconds, you will get your question or equation solved. This is convenient for you to get solutions for the large equation in few seconds. This will make you confident, and it is time-saving. The technology for algebraic software is widely known for best work experience and as simplify calculator.

Ask for explanations

When you submit your questions in the tab, you will get results quickly. In case you are able to do it again then in this situation, you have the option to ask for explanations. You can fulfill all your requirements lenient. The latest techniques and features of software allow you to use it according to your needs. You have to tap on buttons, and the whole thing you want to get is on your screen. The details you want to know about formula is easy to understand when in need of a better explanation of formula you can access for formula explanations. It will make you sure to gather best and effective information of formulas for further reasons and future use. The simplify calculator offer you to make resolve issues related to trigonometry, statistics, probability, algebra and more other mathematically sections. The software helps you to know how the functions are performed and how formulas are applied.

Use well Featured and Advance Expression Calculator to Solve the Calculation


Time has gone when you have to make efforts to solve the math questions and equations. Calculations of numerous math questions make us puzzle and disturb our mind. Sometimes students have to face lots of problems when they unable to solve the math’s equations. But now you can easily and instantly do the calculation in the algebraic equations. Now you won’t need to take the stress, and you easily attain the success in your career. You just need to login the math solver software and use it to solves all kind of math related equation and question. You can use the expression calculator to solve the toughest and hard math equations in an amazing and easiest method. It is the perfect time to eliminate the long procedure for calculation and go with the best online software. You just need to put the equation or math question and let the online software do the rest. It is very helpful and incredible online software to solve the biggest calculation instantly.

After using the online math solver software, you will able to understand the calculation rule and strategies. It will help in solving the math question quickly, and you can complete your daily home instantly. You can learn the methods of calculation like adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division very easily. It is the best and excellent ways to solve the all math topics like algebraic, trigonometry, statistic and many others. As you have seen many students waste their time in calculating and not able to complete their answer. But with the online software, you will able to learn the secrets and best tips to calculate quickly and complete the questions. Expression calculator helps in calculating the math questions and solves the questions quickly. You can save a lot of time after using the online math solver software.

You can easily access the software from your computer. Benefits of using the software in PC are that you can easily and deeply understand the expression calculator. You will receive the result in elaboration. With the use of expression calculator, you will able to calculate the equation with a multi-functional option. It comes with advance features and helps in solving the questions and equations easily.  Along with the children, adults will also get the best advantage of expression calculator. You can find the expression calculator in the software which helps in solving the algebraic and other mathematical topics quickly.

Once you use the online software, you will get to know a lot about the mathematical rules that helps in making the robust career for the future time. You can make the strong base of career by using the expression calculator and lead your career to the highest level. Expression calculator is lucrative for solving equations and inequalities, complex numbers, matrices, and logarithm. You can use the online software for solving the tough and difficult algebraic questions and equations. Online math solver software is highly in used, and many students are getting lots of benefits of it.


Math Software

A student’s life these days has become more and more dependent on technology and new software. Technology has more or less taken the place of pen and paper in today’s world. Take, for instance, Mathematics – first came the simple calculator then came more advanced ones like the scientific and mixed fraction calculators. Finally, we have computers which use math software for more advanced calculations in mere seconds.

Benefits of using Math software –

Math software is said to help students in learning mathematics and also develop their confidence as well as motivate them. Not only does it add confidence, but when you use math software as a part of the curriculum, it brings in more enthusiasm to want to learn more and better. This could be because larger problems or so-called real world problems can be solved easily. Many students might even be using this in the future; maybe in their careers. So it could also be thought as a career-related move.

It has also been seen that a Graphical demo of math software helps students understand math problems better. It improved and enhanced their numerical and graphical understanding. Also, such math software is a savior when a student is stuck with some complicated math homework or is running short of time.

Math software not only finds its place in the Mathematical arena but also in other subjects like say Chemistry, physics, and programming.

The use of math software actually manages to add a flavor to studies. It makes it more enjoyable and more relaxing for a student. We all know how stressful academic life can be. Such software just gives you a little support and makes it a little less taxing. It gives students more time to spend on understanding the core matter and allows the software to do the simpler and unnecessary number crunching or plotting.

Cons of using math software-

However having told about the good points of such software, one should take care that they do not become totally dependent on these. They still need to understand the basics and follow how the software comes up with the answers that it does. They should not be using it as a crutch. This should not deter students from not learning the fundamentals and the applications and lose interest in pure math.

Students can use math software to make their math homework easier and maybe faster. But they should not be relying on these completely to the point of cheating.

All paths taken by technology can have negative and positive sides. It is up to us to embrace the positive, harness them and learn from them as well. Essentially it comes down to this – whether math software can be thought of like a power tool or a learning tool. Well, if you use it to solve maybe real world problems and for number crunching then maybe it can be called a power tool. And if a student uses it to better learn mathematical concepts and connections then it is very well a learning tool. So the merit goes both ways.

Use Online Math Solver Software to Solve Mathematical Equations

Now a day, in the technical era you can easily solves the all mathematical problems and hard questions. There are lots of online software from you can solve the algebraic, logarithm, statistic, trigonometry equations and questions. Now you won’t need to worry about your homework. If you ever stuck in any mathematical equation, then you can solve it with the help of online math solver question. It is very easy to use and very helpful in covering up the math topics. Especially in algebra 1 syllabus, you will find the best and amazing methods to solve the algebraic equations in the same ways your teacher uses in the classroom.

Best algebraic mathematical formulas

If you ever find any difficulty during solving the algebraic questions or equations, then you can directly use the online math solver software. It is highly in used by the teachers and students and become the recommended software by them. You can solve the trigonometry, pre-algebra, college algebra and statistic after using the online software. It is the best and excellent software which helps in relieving your stress if you are unable to solve any mathematical questions. You just need to write the question and let the online software do the rest for you. You can write all types of mathematical topics and get the easiest methods to solve the difficult equations and questions.

Use online math solver software

Initially, you can easily use the demo of the software. Definitely, you will be really impressed after using the software. To use the online math solver software, you can purchase the demo and solves the various topics of math. You can solve algebraic equations like algebra 1, sequences, functions, graphing, trigonometry and many more math’s topics easily and accurately. You can use the online math solver software in your PC and get the smooth experience to solve all kinds of mathematical questions.

Learn easiest and amazing methods

After using the online math solver software, you will able to learn about the best and untold methods. Surely you will attain success in your career and get lots of benefits of these methods in your further career. You will find lots of mathematical formula and rules that applied on the algebraic equations. Moreover, you can learn the calculation methods to save time during the exams. This online software is highly in demand, and many students and teachers are truly satisfied after using the online software.

Ultimately online software is the best and excellent way to solve all kind of mathematical topics. Especially in the cases of algebra, you will find lots of easiest methods to solve the tough and hard algebra 1 equations quickly. Whether you are in school or studying in college, you will find all standards of topics, formula and easiest ways to solve the mathematical topics. It is the best and excellent online math solver software. You can use the demo too and also join the account after using the demo. Surely you will able to solve all kind of algebraic equations and attain success in your career.

Do You Think Fractions are Hard?

Fractions as you probably are aware are shaped by taking the remainder of two whole numbers. Along these lines 1/2 and 4/5 are fractions since they are shaped by the remainders of 1 and 2, and 4 and 5, separately. Fractions are a genuine cerebral pain for most students of math, and the number juggling of fractions especially expansion and subtraction-has been known to bring about numerous a students’ bad dream. However, as troublesome as these subtracting fractions and other fraction problems seem to be, take heart: there are more terrible scientific beasts out there.

To comprehend and really imagine what these division monsters look like take the standard inappropriate fraction 9/5 (despicable, in the event that you review, in light of the fact that the numerator is greater than the denominator). We can part this into a blended number which is 1 + 4/5. Presently watch what we do. On the off chance that you review what the proportional is, then you realize that it is 1 isolated by the number. Along these lines, the complementary of 5 is 1/5, and the corresponding of 10 is 1/10. Well, this strategy works with fractions too. The proportional of 2/3 will be 3/2, and the corresponding of 8/9 will be 9/8.

To get a proceeded with a fraction from the 9/5, we compose this as 1 + 4/5 and after that accomplish something somewhat peculiar. We compose the 4/5 as 1/(5/4), which is really the corresponding of 5/4. (Keep in mind the equal of any number can be considered as 1 partitioned by the number). So far we have 9/5 = 1 + 1/(5/4).

The following stride is to compose 5/4 as 1 + 1/4 and after that substitute this for the 5/4 in the denominator of the past stride. Therefore we have 9/5 = 1 + 1/(1 + 1/4). In the event that we compose this in stacked shape, which I can’t do in this article as a result of arranging contemplations, we get a towering division that structures a triangular slipping movement seeing from left to right. For this situation, the portion ends once we achieve a phase in which the numerator of the last part is not as much as the denominator (for this situation 1/4).

The question you may have now and a decent question it would be-is “The reason would we confuse an effectively confounded thing like a small amount?” The answer is that these intriguing mammoths help us do numerous things in science. For example, preceded with fractions, inclusive of subtracting fractions, permit us to settle effortlessly numerous conditions that we couldn’t fathom without their utilization. Proceeded with fractions help us extend nonsensical numbers and improve the feeling of what is happening with their interminable non-rehashing decimal examples. Proceeded with fractions additionally, help us figure out if certain sorts of conditions are feasible or not.

So on the off chance that you thought were an issue, including subtracting fractions, then reconsider in light of the fact that there are more awful beasts out there in the domain of arithmetic than these. In all seriousness, fractions truly are not that hard once you plunge into them, nor are preceded with fractions. You simply need to make a plunge.

Advantages of Hiring Online Math Tutor

Decimal to Fraction

Today innovation makes internet-based tutoring exceptionally compelling. It doesn’t supplant customary learning in the classroom, yet helps understudies in supplemental training. As math is a subject that many understudies battle with. they can extraordinarily profit by getting math tutoring on the web. Here are some great motivations to have an online math tutor.

  1. Accommodation and Comfort

Math is somewhat less overwhelming subject when understudies can learn it inside the solace of their recognizable environment. With a live math tutor, understudies can make inquiries which they may discover hard to ask at school. This advances trust in learning even the hardest of scholastic subjects.

  1. Reasonableness and Flexibility

Online math tutoring is less expensive than enlisting a math instructor at home each day for classes. What’s more, the online math tutor can likewise adjust to the family’s day by day plan. This implies guardians can guarantee that understudies are online on their PC without any diversions, for example, tuning into music.

  1. Customized Math Curriculum

Not all kids learn decimal to fraction at an equivalent level. In this manner, the math tutorial projects are intended to be customized to a youngster’s qualities and shortcomings. Given starting tests, sessions are adjusted to focus on the particular needs of the kid. Indeed, even understudies with ADHD or learning troubles encounter more prominent scholarly development in a web-based learning environment.

  1. Drawing in Technology

Numerous youngsters are now acquainted with a cell phone or a tablet. They can play diversions or tackle issues on these electronic gadgets easily. Having an online math tutor consolidates the energy of a virtual world with the truth of everyday computations. With legitimate practice and drilling of the online math tutor, understudies can without much of a stretch build up the math aptitudes required for their future vocation, and additionally for regular daily existence.

  1. Math Made Fun

With a program that catches understudies’ consideration, they will come to see taking care of math issues as an agreeable action. Without the typical classroom weights or nervousness, they can create essential deduction aptitudes effortlessly.

  1. Master Assistance

Online tutors hold an abundance of learning, knowledge and scholastic degrees. On the web, you’ll discover scholarly tutors, school preparation tutors, profession tutors, homework tutors and even custodians. At the point when guardians bring specialists who are enthusiastic about the subjects for which they educate to their youngster’s tutoring sessions, they demonstrate their kids there’s something else entirely to learning than simply breezing through tests and retaining data. Having somebody who is amped up for what they’re instructing will help your youngsters get to be distinctly energetic about learning.

Web-based tutoring is a characteristic aftereffect of mechanical headway’s and instructive needs. We grasp web-based learning in state-funded schools, colleges and even inside the business. Understudies of the total of what ages have been signing into classes and working through course materials using web talks and additionally teaming up with different understudies. Web-based learning is an intense device and one that guardians ought to consider if their tyke needs assistance in a heap of subjects.

Why Your Child Needs an Extra Help of Mathematics Tutors?

Is math a subject that you’re adolescent has been engaging with? In case you require him or her to take in the attitudes anticipated that would go to school, obtaining a tutor is something that justifies thinking about. The tutoring sessions of adding fractions should be conceivable online for a better result. Examine this article for some obliging information about enrolling your adolescent a math tutor.

Adding Fractions
Adding Fractions
  1. There Will Be Various Ways to Interact

Web tutoring is intense in light of the way that your youthful will have the ability to work with his instructor in various ways. For instance, the tutor may use a virtual whiteboard for exhibiting to your adolescent industry benchmarks to comprehend conditions. The virtual whiteboard can be comparably as effective as the blackboards that are used by teachers at a genuine school. Your young person will in like manner have the capacity to exchange records with his or her tutor by a method for email. It is likely that the online tutor will have a minute dispatcher speak to being come to as well.

  1. Your Teen Won’t Have a Set Schedule to Follow

A given that goes with electronic tutoring is that it is invaluable. Some tutors are open day and night, dependent upon where you enroll one. A general timetable can be set, or your juvenile and the tutor can pick self-assertive conditions for sessions. If your young person is incorporated into any extracurricular activities at school, the flexibility of the tutoring date-book can genuinely end up being valuable.

  1. Your Teen Will Receive Individual Attention

It should be less requesting for your child to get the math capacities that he or she needs while working with a tutor. Instead of imparting the thought of the tutor to various understudies, he or she will get particular thought. The tutor will have the ability to pinpoint the most dubious areas that your adolescent has with math and make them the grouping of each session. It is also possible that your child will even get pushed math discovering that will help him or she surpass desires in school.

  1. No Embarrassment about Misunderstanding

It can mortify for an understudy to fall behind and require extraordinary thought at a state-financed school. One of the benefits of electronic tutoring is that your high scholar won’t have to feel disgrace in case he or she doesn’t grasp a particular math issue. All information exchanged in the midst of tutoring sessions will be kept between him or her and the teacher. Obtain your high scholar a math tutor when you are readied. Students can re-take courses and that the re-take review will be added to a transcript or relying on the school region, even supplant the previous coming up short math grade.

If your youngster has earned a poor math grade and you are taking a gander at connecting with a math tutor. Then approach on the off chance that it is feasible for your kid to take in the up and coming math educational programs, as well as to be told in the earlier semester’s math ideas utilizing a certify educational programs so they may enhance or win a superior review on their transcript.

What is the Benefit of Getting an Online Tutor for your Children?

Every parent if worried about the performance of their child in academics. It becomes very important that you pay close attention to their performance in school so that they get a very good platform for their future. One of the most difficult subjects which every child has to study throughout their life is mathematics. Math’s can be very difficult but at the same time if studied well can ensure that you get a very good score.

Online Tutor
Online Tutor

If you are looking to get your child proper help in math’s algebra equation then hiring a tutor can be very crucial. A tutor can ensure that your child gets the required support to excel in their studies and can score well in mathematics. While selecting a tutor, there are two choices which you may be presented with to go for an online tutor or a normal tutor. Out of the two, an online tutor can be very good for helping with the studies of your child. Online tutor used technology to make sure that your child gets perfectly educated in the maths. If you’re wondering about benefits of an online tutor then here are some of them:


Learn at the convenience of the student

The biggest benefit of learning math’s from an online tutor is that your child can get highly skillful that too at their own convenience. As with an online tutor, all you have to do is sit in front of the computer you can get all the help right at your home. It’s a known fact that children’s can study more efficiently at their own home instead of studying at some other place. While studying at home children’s can be completely comfortable and ensure that they get all algebra problem sorted out from the tutoring. It will also make sure that they understand all the concepts perfectly.

Pay close attention to what’s happening

When you choose for an online tutor instead of a normal tutor, you can monitor and see all that is happening in front of you. This can be a very big deal as it provides you with a chance to know what all is happening in your child’s tuitions. It can ensure that you are aware of your child’s performance and know what all areas are he or she lacking. It also provides you a chance to know that study is all that is going on during the tuitions and make sure that all the concepts of math’s are clear in their minds.

Study as your home

With online tutors, your child gets to study in their home without any need to travel long distances for tuitions. This can be very effective as it can save a lot of time which otherwise will get wasted in traveling. Also with traveling your child can get very tired and thus won’t be able to concentrate while studying. This can cause a lot of damage and can affect the overall performance of the student.

Considering all the above factors getting an online tutor is way more effective than getting a normal tutor. An online tutor can certainly benefit the performance of your child.

What is a Polynomial?

Keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend arithmetic, first you need to talk the dialect. The issue is, with arithmetic, not at all like French or German or some other talked dialect, this tongue is loaded with trouble and now and again much unlimited. What’s more, in science, notwithstanding when you comprehend something, you still regularly feel as if you truly need to comprehend it considerably more. Therefore it unquestionably helps on the off chance that you can get off to a decent begin by at any rate seeing a portion of the dialect. Here we give understanding into what a polynomial is.


A polynomial is an expression found in variable based math. Actually a polynomial of degree n is a statement of the shape a(n)x^n + a(n-1)x^(n-1) +… + a(1)x + a(0), where each of the a(n) terms relates to some whole number, the n-terms taking after the x^ compare to the examples and are sure whole numbers, and n and a(n) are not equivalent to 0 (in the event that they were then this would not be a polynomial of degree n). In plain English a polynomial is any expression, for example, 3x^4 + 2x^3 – x + 4, or 2x^2 – 3x + 1. Because of this, the degree is the most noteworthy example that happens in the expression. Consequently, the primary polynomial is of degree 4 and the second is of degree 2.

An initial couple of polynomials, those of degree 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have extraordinary names. A first-degree polynomial is a direct capacity since its chart delivers a line. The second, a quadratic; the third a cubic; the fourth a quartic; in addition to the fifth, which is a quintic. Once this has been done, the polynomial is, for the most part, alluded to by its degree.

The above-composed polynomial uses the variable x, and this is most normal; be that as it may, we could simply have composed a polynomial in some other letter or variable, and some different regular decisions would be the letters y or t. Remember that changing the letter in which the polynomial is composed does not modify the nature or conduct in any capacity.

Polynomials are only one sort of logarithmic expression. They are considered to be extremely helpful in demonstrating numerous certifiable issues, and they happen in numerous recipes. In more propelled courses, polynomials are experienced to serve as substitutes for different capacities for which no clear comparability is obvious. Accordingly, the astonishing adaptability of the polynomials.

To the extent the photos, or diagrams, of polynomial capacities, they look to some degree like crazy rides, in most situations with many slopes and valleys. These bends are “smooth” as in they have no sharp turns or corners and can be attracted every one of the one pieces. Hence, these polynomial capacities assume an imperative part in the branch of arithmetic called investigation and serve as a vital instrument in numerous different branches too.