When it comes to subtracting fractions, it is important to learn how to subtract the fraction using unlike and like denominators.  You can subtract the mixed number using or not using regrouping, solving of the application problem which is required for the mixed and fraction numbers.

In some cases, the subtraction and not the addition, it will require someone to solve the problems which involve the fraction.

The easier way of doing simple fraction subtraction problem is for these that have two proper fractions that have a common denominator.  This means that every denominator works the same. The process is an addition of the faction like the denominators but expects when using the subtraction.  In this case, it is easy to subtract the second numerator away from the first one while keeping denominator to be the same.

Subtracting Fractions
Subtracting Fractions

If a denominator is not the same also called unlike denominators, then a person should rewrite a fraction using a common denominator. By using least common denominator also known as least common multiple denominators, it will be a most efficient choice.  However, any common denominator may be used. You should check the answer if you want to be sure that you have used the simplest form.  Use a prime factorizing when you want to find least common multiple.

Subtracting the mixed number

Subtracting the mixed number, it does work in same away like adding the mixed number. The first step is subtracting whole number part of a mixed number, then subtract the fraction parts of mixed numbers.  Afterwards, the whole number will be combined while the answer will be in a fraction in order to express the answer of the mixed number.  Sometimes, it can be easy to use the mixed number like improper fraction before solving.  When needed,  you may have to find the common denominator if you would like to solve the subtraction problem of the mixed number.

Subtracting the mixed number using the regrouping

Sometimes, if you subtract the mixed number, fraction part of a second mixed number which is larger compared to the fraction of the first number.  As it happens with many fraction problems, you may need to get the common denominator.  You should keep in mind that a key to add or to subtract the fraction with the mixed number is through making sure that there is a common denominator at the beginning. The original fraction will not do not have the same denominator.  You should get one if you want to continue to another step.

There are times when the mixed number may be subtracted using the whole number. In such case, you will have to write the whole number like a mixed number so that you can do the subtraction. You may use the equivalent mixed number which has one denominator like the fraction of mixed number.

When the fractional part of mixed number which has to be subtracted looks larger compared to the factional part of the mixed number form that should be subtracted or if the mixed number has to be subtracted, then you will have to subtract 1 away of the whole number of mixed number which should be subtracted and then add 1 at the fraction part so that you can make the improper fraction.


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