Most basic question is what is quadratic equation? The answer is, any algebraic equation having degree two with its coefficient, is called quadratic equation.  The quadratic equation is one of the most complex equations of the mathematics where a student feels complexity in solving them. It is easy to solve any linear equation, but it is quite tough to solve an equation with a higher degree.

Quadratic Equation
Quadratic Equation

How to solve quadratic equation?

To solve any quadratic equation there are two methods one is the most basic method which is also known as formula method, another method is directly used quadratic equation calculator.

Method-1: Factorization

Firstly, let us discuss basic method which is quite easy to understand.

The standard form of quadratic equation is –


Let us consider an example, a.) x² + 4x +3=0

Apply basic factorization method to solve this equation.

Step-1) x(x+3) +1(x+3)

Step-2) Arrange common terms together

Step-3) (x+1) (x+3)

Step-4) x=-1 or -3

For better understanding, let us consider another example, b.) x2+5x=0

Step-1) take x in common

Step-2) x(x+5) =0

Step-3) x=0 and x+5=0

Step-4) x=0 and x= -5

Therefore, x has two values, x=0; x= -5

Method-2: Quadratic equation calculator

Now, we discuss another formula to solve quadratic equation, which is known as quadratic equation calculator.

To solve the quadratic equation, the algebra calculator uses a genuine method or use a formula to identify values of a variable. The formula for solving quadratic equation is

x= (-b±√ (b²-4ac))/2a

Let us consider an example,

x2 + 4x +3=0

So, here a=1, b=4, c=3, now put all these values in the above equation, then solve it.

Therefore, you got two values of x, x= -1 or x= -3.

It is a direct formula-based method, or the digital calculator offers their users to solve any of the quadratic equations with the formula method. That means you can learn how to solve any quadratic equation with the formula method. In the calculator, you just need to enter the question in the required field. Different signs, roots, square root, and mathematical signs are available on the platform. Thus, you can enter the quadratic equation to solve it and find its variable values. According to the degree available in the unknown term, you will get values accordingly.  Now a day, the quadratic equation is also available on the internet where one can direct put values in the given space and then click on the submit button to get the final value of your required coefficient.

Here, you can choose the algebra calculator that can easily find out variable values and deliver results in fast. In the algebra calculator, you just need to enter the quadratic equitation on the required field in the calculator. Thus, enter one next tap to solve the equation. The calculator solves the equation with the genuine method, and there is no short answer you will get. Thus, solving quadratic equations is quite easy with the calculator as compare to factorization method. Factorization method sometimes fails in solving an algebraic method only when the equation is of higher degree, which makes the solution too much complicated. In that case, quadratic equation calculator method is beneficial for the user.

If someone is comfortable in factorization then apply, factorization method to solve quadratic equation otherwise use easy to implement a method which is quadratic equation calculator.


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