Not everybody is a fast learner. But that should not be taken to mean that the slow learners won’t understand anything in class. They will, even though after some time. The most important thing is to understand at least one or two things. Imagine having a math tutor or a lecturer or a teacher coming to class, lecturing and then disappearing without you, the student, shooting some questions? You will be loosing a lot if you fail to ask questions. Even then it is understandable that some people hate asking questions in front of their classmates. Especially the shy ones. However, you need not worry anymore because there is a better way of learning algebra besides the one from class. There is a problem-solver called algebrator.


This software package solves algebraic assignments that you have been given by your teacher. It solves any problem from any math textbook that you come across. Be it trigonometry, college algebra, statistics or pre-algebra. This software package costs only ten dollars when you use the link provided in at this website ( This website has been created in two languages i.e. English and Spanish. You can select the language that you are comfortable using.

Any algebraic equations that you can think of can be simplified using this desktop application. It solves Problems like subtracting fractions, solving inequalities and logarithms, matrices, complex numbers, sequences and much more.

It shows the steps it took to arrive at any answer. This can be compared to the way the teacher explains his or her steps she took in order to arrive at the answer shown in the black or whiteboard.

Entering your problems to this package is very easy. It uses the approach of What You See Is What You Get or better known as WYSIWYG interface. This, therefore, means that you can enter problems like “find perpendicular line to another passing through point x”

Once a solution is obtained, you can export it to Math ML format and then share it with the rest. The export function of this application generates xhtml files that can be opened by many browsers.

Surprisingly, this application has an offer for those who would like to order it before midnight of 15th of April 2017. You will get over one thousand problems that have been entered by other users of this application.

Any available customer support?

In case you need some things clarified or anything that relates to algebrator, feel free to send them an email using the address provided on their website ( If you are comfortable making a phone call, they have indicated their contact digits at the same webpage. You can still visit their offices if you do not mind. They are located along Blanco Rd in San Antonio city, the state of Texas in United States of America. Be warned though, their offices are only opened from Monday to Friday and as early as 8 O’clock in the morning and closed late in the evening at exactly 9 o’clock.


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